Our History

The Aldous Funeral Home was establishes in 1930 by Edward C. Aldous. Mr. Aldous ran the Funeral Home out of his residence at 134 Church Street

In 1952 Thomas C. Barnhart purchased the Funeral Home. By 1956 Mr. Barnhart saw the need for a full time emergency service in the Rutland area and established the Aldous Ambulance Service.

1920 – 2005

In 1960 Mr. Barnhart purchased the property at 44 North Main Street that had been vacant for several years to expand his growing businesses. Following a lengthy renovation the Funeral Home and Ambulance relocated to the main street location. The Aldous Ambulance Service operated 24/7 serving the greater Rutland area until October 1, 1982 when the service was conveyed to The Regional Ambulance Service.

In 1985 Mr. Barnhart purchase the former Congdon Funeral Home in Wallingford and renovated the building reopening a branch of the Aldous Funeral Home in Wallingford.